Acceleration Sports


“ASI provides the most professional training and care for our clients so they will be able to achieve their goals in their particular sport.”
John Smoltz, Eight-time MLB All-Star

“Our record over the past three years is 59-7. The common denominator the last three years is ASI. They are the difference in being good and being great.”
Lynn Avant, head volleyball coach, Hillcrest High School

“The key to sustained performance throughout a long season is functional strength and muscular endurance. At ASI, they use leading methods in training to take the athlete to the next level.”
Kevin Pucetas, Kansas City Royals

“The foundation of a leading training center is personal attention. At ASI, they strive to put forth every effort to provide quality personal attention. Without ‘personal,’ it would be just training.”
Reese Haven, 2008 first-round pick New York Mets & former USC SS

“The combination of functional training and Speedflex training hold the key to being an exceptionally trained athlete. ASI is truly leading the performance revolution.”
Ben Dollar, Arizona Diamondbacks organization

“Anyone can play a sport. If you’re looking to be an impact player in your sport, choosing ASI is your only option. It has worked for me and it will work for you.”
Steven Tolleson, Oakland Athletics & former USC SS

“ASI uses advanced research to target not only the athletes’ strengths, but also their weaknesses. ASI is taking me to a new level.”
Travis Adair, Texas Rangers organization

“I have been training for over 25 years. I have had the privilege of obtaining and completing many programs ranging from collegiate to professional. In the last nine months while training at ASI, I have become bigger, faster and functionally stronger at 40 years old than I was at 30 years old.”
Sgt. Brian Miller, Greenville Police Department

“ASI puts the athlete first. They are not concerned about revenue or notoriety like other training facilities I have been to, but rather the well-being and goals of the individual athlete. When I come in here, everything is geared toward what I need to become the best baseball player I can be. I love that! I trust ASI with my career.”
Landon Powell, Oakland Athletics & former USC catcher

“ASI provides the direction for supreme athletic training necessary for our professional athlete clients.
That training positions the athlete to reduce the prospect of injury and increase performance in the most competitive arena of professional sports. Contracts prove that if you keep a highly talented and skilled athlete on the field, they will produce at great levels. With the critical areas of research and medical support to go along with the facilities, equipment and training expertise, ASI offers athletes a well-founded approach to their training needs, and as a result has jumped to the forefront in elite athletic training. Most importantly,
it is built with caring and committed people. We are very pleased to have our clients experience the ASI program today and for their futures.”
Myles Shoda, Agent

“ASI has made me faster and more agile to help me compete at the Division I level.”
Marisa Leconte, Marshall University, Soccer

“ASI has really helped in my development as a player. In terms of speed and quickness, I can’t imagine anything better.”
Maggie Blackwell, USC, Soccer