The smoking is a dangerous habit and there is no need to ask such questions that whether it can damage the health of an Athlete or not. The smoking is a harmful substance and there is no exception for the athletes. The smoking causes the same effects on all the abusers. In fact, the athletes are at a greater risk of suffering from the harmful effects. If you are an athlete and a smoker as well, then you should either quit smoking or choose another profession.

The quit smoking no NRT guide can provide you the detailed information about the harmful effects of smoking. Here are the 7 important reasons why athletes shouldn’t smoke.

Lung Function

Your lung functions are badly damaged when you start smoking. Affected lung function is a clear sign that you won’t be able to boost your stamina and performance. The shortness of breath is another major problem that you may suffer from if you are a smoker. Click Here and take a look at some other negative effects of smoking.


Your mental and physical acuity can drop if enough amount of oxygen is not reaching your brain, heart, and muscles. This can lead you to a greater chance of injury. Thus, you’d become dizzy or faint while exercising. The body’s ability to repair tendons, ligaments, and skin, would also be inhibited. It can also reduce the strength of your bones. IT means that your recovery from an injury would take more than the expected time.

Circulatory health

The effects that smoking can make on your heart and circulatory health are very dangerous for the athletes. The blood vessels become blocked with plaque due to smoking. Thus, the muscles may not be able to receive the essential amount of oxygen. As a result, you’d immediately start feeling very tired.

Cardiovascular Effects

The chances of cardiovascular disease also increase in the athletes that start smoking regularly. Your heart’s strength is badly affected when the oxygen levels reduce in your body. Therefore, you should stay away from this dangerous habit.

Long-term effects

Lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma are some of the major long-term effects that an athlete may suffer from as a result of smoking. Thus, you’d have to quit your athletic activities permanently.

Brain cells

Your brain cells may also get damaged due to the reduced levels of oxygen. The smoking is a habit that starts affecting the blood flow in your body. Thus, your mental strength is badly damaged as the proper amount of blood doesn’t reach the brain cells.

Fat growth

The negative effects of smoking may also lead to fat growth. The fat growth would put a serious impact on your athletic performance and you won’t be able to continue your athletic activities at all. Here are some other reasons that will help you understand that why athletes shouldn’t smoke.

7 Reasons Why Athletes Shouldn’t Smoke

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